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Liquid Capital: $50,000

Net Worth Requirement: $150,000

Franchise Fees: $49,000

Royalty: 3% - 10%

Training and Support: Available

Home Office: Van Nuys, CA

CEO: Idan Shpizear


Investement Range $110,100 - $227,400

About 911 RESTORATION Franchise

From Small Business to Market Leader

Currently ranked among the top restoration franchises in the nation by Entrepreneur, 911 Restoration began as a small carpet cleaning business taken over by two of its former employees: Idan Shpizear and Peleg Lindenberg.

Before becoming business partners, Idan and Peleg were army buddies who established a lifelong friendship through the trials and tribulations of boot camp and 22-mile marches. After leaving the military, they moved to Los Angeles, California, in search of lucrative business opportunities. All they had was a couple thousand dollars and a one-bedroom apartment, but their determined pursuit of the American Dream transformed the duo from carpet cleaners to company owners in only a year. They soon expanded their services to include fire cleanup and water damage restoration and explored innovative strategies for growing their business. Idan spent 10,000 hours learning online marketing techniques, and within 18 months, their restoration brand had grown from earning $15,000 to $150,000 a month in sales.

Leading the Industry with the Fresh Start Philosophy

By 2005, 911 Restoration had become a thriving restoration company. When Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, Idan joined colleagues from all over the country who flocked to New Orleans to help the community rebuild.

Given their own story of struggle and hard-earned success, Idan and Peleg adopted the Fresh Start philosophy — a deeply held belief that every challenge is an opportunity to rebuild stronger and better than before. During his visit to New Orleans, Idan found that this philosophy enabled him to serve not only local property owners, but also the colleagues he met along the way.

Idan got to know many restoration business owners who complained about challenges that were all too familiar to him. They weren’t seeing the growth they wanted. They had hit a plateau in profits and didn’t know what to do differently. Idan saw an opportunity to offer his colleagues the same Fresh Start he provided to his customers. He began to share his business expertise and online marketing knowledge. He mentored other entrepreneurs and guided promising businesses through professional hardship to discover new opportunities and a brighter future on the other side.

When Idan and Peleg realized that they had the skills to grow not only their own business, but others’ as well, the team recognized a chance to expand 911 Restoration even more. In 2008, the 911 Restoration franchise was born.

911 Restoration: An Industry Innovator

Now serving more than 150 million people in the US and Canada, 911 Restoration has become one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Today, we are no less driven to innovate and expand than we were in those early days of problem solving together in a one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment. It is because of this consistent determination — and the help of a brilliant team — that 911 Restoration now boasts some of the most sophisticated systems in the restoration industry.

Idan and his team have created their own tools for business management and development, reporting, and sales. They’ve streamlined systems so every franchise owner is set up for productivity, efficiency, and success. One of the company’s most notable innovations is Gazingle, an in-house CRM and app allowing franchisees to track leads, close sales, and manage receivables.

911 Restoration also birthed Milestone SEO, an internet marketing engine originally designed to support the growth of 911 Restoration. Headed by Chief Operating Officer Miri Offir, Milestone SEO has become a game-changing solution for both 911 Restoration franchise owners and a broad spectrum of small business clients who dream of moving into a more sustainable pattern of company growth.

Idan Shpizear has quickly emerged as a thought leader in the realm of entrepreneurship and restoration management. Idan and Miri have supported and worked with thousands of business owners, guiding them through the growing pains that come with building a business and helping them turn today’s challenges into opportunities for growth. And that transformation begins not just with new tools and techniques, but with a change in attitude as well.

A Company Culture Built for Success

911 Restoration continues to grow steadily day by day, guided by a clearly defined company culture that is as important at the franchise level as it is at company headquarters.

The nationwide 911 Restoration team values clarity, growth, and accountability. Together, Idan and Miri have worked to promote clear expectations for company representatives. Miri’s innovative efforts for defining 911 Restoration culture have ensured that employees and franchises alike are set up for personal and professional success.

As far as Idan is concerned, the success of 911 Restoration is evidence that an entrepreneur possesses limitless potential, if only they are willing to push through the struggle and reach for opportunities to evolve and learn.

Company Culture

  • Creating a Positive Restoration Franchise Company Culture

Company culture, especially in the disaster restoration industry, is extremely important. That’s because small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for new restoration franchise opportunities all want to work with a company that reflects their own values.

  • How our 911 Restoration Franchise Created a Fresh Start Culture

At 911 Restoration, we’ve created a company culture throughout headquarters that encourages our team to be bold, innovate, express new ideas, and make the world a better place. This “Fresh Start attitude” extends to our local restoration franchise branches as well.

  • Here at the Fresh Start Company we not only work together, but we also form lifelong friendships and memories while inspiring one another to “be the difference,” which is one of our company mottos. Whether we’re gathering for birthday celebrations, volunteering at local events, attending franchise conventions, or sharing daily laughs, there is always a reason to smile at 911 Restoration.
  • Our company culture is just one of the reasons why 911 Restoration is the best franchise opportunity in the industry. We are a hard-working, dedicated team that is motivated every day to make the world a better place and we are looking for like-minded individuals with similar passions, visions, and franchise goals.

Franchise Description: 911 Restoration Franchise Inc. is the franchisor. The franchised business provides emergency clean-up from fire damage, water damage, mold damage and mold inspections, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and crawl space cleaning. The franchisor offers traditional franchises, conversion franchises, and micro-market franchises.

Training Overview: The franchisor will offer a training program to provide franchisees and their designated supervisory or managerial personnel to be conducted at the franchisor’s headquarters in Van Nuys, California. This training generally lasts for six days. The franchisor may provide additional advisory assistance and training that it deems necessary on the terms and conditions as it sets forth in the manual. The franchisor may periodically telephone or visit franchisees for the purposes of rendering advice and consultation with respect to the operation of the franchised business, assessing their overall performance and determining whether they are conducting the franchised business in compliance with the standards of the system. Once a year, at their cost and expense, franchisees must attend the franchisor’s annual refresher training program, which will be held at the franchisor’s headquarters or at another location it designates. In its discretion, the franchisor may choose to hold an annual meeting or convention of its franchisees to conduct additional training, announce new products and/or services or discuss any other matters of interest. If and when held, the annual meeting or convention will be mandatory for all franchisees.

Territory Granted: The Franchise Agreement grants franchisees the right to operate their business at the single location designated in the Franchise Agreement and only within the designated, exclusive territory described in the Franchise Agreement. The size of the territory is determined based on population and the franchisee’s territory. To maintain territorial protection under the Franchise Agreement, franchisees must be in good standing under the Franchise Agreement and achieve a minimum gross revenue during the second and each subsequent year of the term of the Franchise Agreement.

Obligations and Restrictions: Franchisees must at all times faithfully, honestly, and diligently perform their contractual obligations. System standards may regulate the staffing levels and employee and/or independent contractor's qualifications, training, dress, and appearance of the franchised business. Franchisees need not participate full-time in the day-to-day operation of the franchised business, but they must devote substantial and continuing efforts to the operation of the franchised business. If they do not participate in the daily operations, franchisees must hire a manager to oversee the franchised business’ daily operation. Franchisees must operate the franchised business in an efficient and professional manner following the highest ethical and moral standards. Franchisees must comply with all standards of quality and service prescribed by the franchisor. In order to be in good standing, a franchise should undertake its best efforts to try to maintain a 70/30 mix between mitigation and construction.

Term of Agreement and Renewal: The length of the initial franchise term is seven years. If requirements are met, franchisees can renew for an additional seven-year term.

Financial Assistance: In its discretion and if franchisees meet its criteria, the franchisor may offer to finance up to 50% of the actual initial franchise fee. Except as described, the franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing. The franchisor does not guarantee a franchisee’s note, lease or obligation.

Awarded Fastest Growing Franchise In 2020

Need a Fresh Start? Join a Top Ranked Recession Proof Franchise Opportunity.

When you join 911 Restoration as a franchise owner, you are not only becoming part of a restoration franchise; you also become a part of our Fresh Start Family. We don’t just see ourselves as a water damage restoration franchise. We are a group of compassionate, hard workers who strive to make a difference and better people’s lives through restoration services and community outreach efforts.

We are a nationally recognized brand with more than 200 territories and growing throughout the U.S. and Canada. With franchise opportunities across the continent, now is the right time to join one of the fastest growing franchises.

Whether you have years of experience in the restoration industry, are a contractor, own a carpet cleaning business, or you’re just a hard working entrepreneur, if you’re ready to be your own boss, our franchise opportunity team is available to guide you through the discovery process and answer all your questions to see if you are the right fit for our low cost franchises. With 911 Restoration, you not only restore homes, you help restore lives.

The Business Model That Has Turned Us Into a Top Water Damage Restoration Franchise

Our profit model is based on high revenue, high customer transactions, and high margins to make the biggest profit for franchises with best roi. With the combination of a recession-proof industry valued at $210B, digital and local marketing support, and national accounts, franchisees have multiple revenue channels to ensure their success.

Franchise Growth and Restoration Franchise Industry Success

  • FAST-GROWING – The restoration franchise industry is one of the fastest growing industries, with multiple successful cleaning service franchises including 911 Restoration ranked in the Top 50 fastest growing franchises by Entrepreneur.
  • RECESSION-PROOF  – The restoration industry is considered recession-proof due to factors like global warming and man-made water damage, and is currently valued at $210 billion and growing. New franchise owners who invest in a restoration business can reap the benefits as this industry continues to grow.

Why 911 Restoration is one of the Fastest Growing Franchises

  • RAPID FRANCHISE GROWTH – Since 2007, 911 Restoration has grown from a single location in Los Angeles to a top restoration franchise in the U.S. We boast more than 200 franchise territories, including two in Canada, and we’re looking to open restoration franchise locations in other countries soon.
  • BRAND RECOGNITION – 911 Restoration franchise has been featured in various prestigious online and print publications, including Restoration & Remediation Magazine and Entrepreneur. Many of our franchise owners have also been covered by local news outlets for outstanding service and philanthropic work in their local communities.
  • LEAD GROWTH – Between 2015 and 2016, 911 Restoration franchise saw 20% growth in water damage leads for our franchisees. This is due to a successful business model, improvements in operations, winning marketing strategies, and local business development by our restoration franchise owners.

Franchise Marketing

How would you benefit if you were supported by a multimillion-dollar marketing system?

  •  With the 911 Restoration franchise, that major advantage is more accessible than you might think. Our marketing team at headquarters has spent years in the water damage restoration industry developing the strategies, skills, and experience necessary to ensure that your franchise appears on all search engines and has a solid local directory presence, and Google PPC campaigns are fully optimized to increase awareness for your business
  • We’ve invested millions of dollars into innovation and experimentation, which has yielded the massive results we see today. We’ve also developed new technologies that streamline marketing efforts, allowing you to dominate your franchise territory and have a successful restoration business.

Restoration Franchise Industry

  • The Water Damage Restoration Franchise Industry is Recession-Proof and Growing
  • $210B INDUSTRY: Natural disasters and climate change have created an unpredictable environment where the world needs more restoration franchises and local restoration businesses like never before. 911 Restoration franchise is one of the top-rated water damage franchises.

PEACE OF MIND DURING THE PANDEMIC: The coronavirus crisis has brought increased attention to sanitizing homes and businesses. By offering sanitization and cleaning services, 911 Restoration franchise owners have a unique opportunity to help property management companies and business owners in their communities. As an essential industry, those in the restoration business have important work to do while other businesses are struggling.

RECESSION-PROOF: A restoration franchise is considered recession-proof and typically generates ten times the profits of other franchise businesses.

EMERGENCY SERVICE : People know they need to plan for disasters. Brand awareness is key to becoming the disaster restoration specialists that home and business owners call when disaster strikes.

Franchise Support & Training

  • Franchise Support and Restoration Training

When you become a new franchise owner with 911 Restoration, we will train your team in water damage, mold, and fire remediation in addition to business development. We are dedicated to making sure you leave training week with all of the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills you need to run a successful restoration business. Additionally, we offer ongoing 24/7,  franchise support throughout the franchising process. We’ll continue to communicate with your team, visit your location on a yearly basis, and provide you with all of the resources needed to succeed.

  • Business Development and Operational Support

We’ll create a custom business plan that provides you and your team with a road map to achieve your business goals and make more money. Additionally, a member of our operations team will visit your branch on a yearly basis, helping guide you through one-on-one support. We’ve established more than 200 successful 911 Restoration branches and we’re here 24/7 to help you with operational support for your new restoration business.

  • In-House Marketing and Lead Generation

When you become part of our Fresh Start Family, you’ll benefit from an in-house marketing team that knows online marketing and lead generation inside and out. Empowered by Google and an $18 million marketing system, our marketing department has a history of creating leads for our franchise owners through innovation and our proven business model.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Center and Support Team

We know owning your own restoration business is a 24/7 job, so we support our franchise owners with a 24/7 customer service center that screens your calls for you, only forwarding you actual leads. Whether it’s a call at 4 a.m. or you’re with a client at the time, our customer service team will answer the call, collect their information, and make sure it’s a solid water damage lead before sending it your way.

  • Custom-built CRM Technology that Works for You

Our custom-built CRM technology, Gazingle, allows your restoration business to work for you. You can track leads from initial call to final payment, see YoY averages, and learn what to improve. Meanwhile, you do what you do best: managing your restoration business. The CRM will take care of the rest.

  • Save Money with Industry Vendors and National Partner Support

As a franchise owner at 911 Restoration, you’ll become part of our powerful network of partners that consists of some of the largest names in the industry, including Google, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Aramsco, and more. Enjoy substantial discounts on equipment from our preferred vendors, saving you money for your new restoration business.

Learn from Successful Franchise Owners

We’ll match you with one of our successful multi-million dollar franchise owners, who will teach you the ins and outs of the restoration business and local business development to make sure you are prepared to hit the ground running when your franchise location opens its doors.

Taking the Next Step Toward Success

Start your path toward success with 911 Restoration, a nationwide franchise backed by more than 15 years of growth and accomplishment. Whether you are brand new to the industry or you have an existing restoration business, we’ll teach you how to take the next step. Ready to become our next restoration franchise success story? Call or contact us today for more information on our franchise opportunities.

Franchise Community Outreach

At 911 Restoration, our main focus is providing a Fresh Start for our customers. While a Fresh Start usually involves restoring a property owner’s home or business, we always encourage our franchise owners to extend the Fresh Start attitude further through community outreach.

A Fresh Take On Sports: 911 Restoration of Charlotte Community Outreach

  • Take On Sports is a sports program for special needs athletes, mostly consisting of children and designed to enable those with physical or mental disabilities the opportunity to play their favorite sports.
  • 911 Restoration of Charlotte franchise owner Tim Crane is excited to sponsor the organization and show his support for the community:
  • “We had been actively looking for a grassroots organization within our community to adopt and give back to. We found exactly that with Take on Sports. It feels great to provide kids with a Fresh Start and make a positive impact on our local special needs community.”

A Fresh Start Alliance for the Future

At 911 Restoration we believe that everyone deserves a fresh start, regardless of their age or circumstances. That is why it should come as no surprise that a lot of the work we do in the community involves helping kids and making a difference in the local youth’s lives.

911 Restoration CEO Idan Shpizear recently visited Santee High School in Los Angeles as part of the Youth Business Alliance (YBA), a locally funded organization that focuses on bringing business skills and perspectives into the classroom by bringing business executives in to educate, inspire, and motivate students.

Idan talked to the Santee students about staying positive, helping others, and making a difference in people’s lives.

“I absolutely love speaking to kids and sparking their imagination to the idea that anything is possible. If you can envision a different future for yourself, you can actually go out and achieve it. That’s the Fresh Start attitude.”

Idan will return to Santee High on November 11 to speak and follow up on the YBA program’s progress as well as any projects or presentations the students have created.

Idan is extremely passionate about helping kids so in addition to his work with the YBA he also spends some time every month volunteering at his own children’s school. That way, he gets to give back while also enjoying extra time with his kids.



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