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Liquid Capital: $40,000

Net Worth Requirement: $500,000

Franchise Fees: $20,000

Royalty: 5% - 6%

Training and Support: Available

Home Office: East Lansing, MI

CEO: Robert Fish


Investement Range $201,450 - $417,390

About BIGGBY® COFFEE Franchise

The BIGGBY® COFFEE Brand Story

Born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, BIGGBY® COFFEE is a franchised QSR company with strong ties to the communities that it’s part of. This is our story and we’re proud to share it with you!

The BIGGBY® COFFEE Brand Story

Two unconventional guys, a long walk, and a handshake.

That’s how BIGGBY® COFFEE began.

This guy Mike and this other guy, Bob, decided to go for a walk. Four hours later, a friendship was born—and a partnership was sealed. It turned out Bob and Mike had a lot in common, which made that stroll all the more enjoyable. Well, that and comfortable shoes. They had both traveled the world. They both loved coffee. And they both understood that coffee brings people together.

The specialty coffee business was already booming. But Bob and Mike had their own idea about what their coffee shop would be like, and how it would be different.

Walk through the door of any BIGGBY® COFFEE, and you immediately feel welcome. If the baristas don’t know you by name, they soon will. Still in your pajamas? Expect a high five for that! And when you order? The trickiest terminology you’ll need to master will be drink names Caramel Marvel® and Teddy Bear®.

Welcoming. Unintimidating. Fun. BIGGBY® COFFEE is a come-as-you-are and be-who-you-are kind of place! It’s where old friends gather. And new friends are made.

These relationships are what make BIGGBY® COFFEE different from other coffee shops. It’s why customers keep coming back. And it’s why Mike and Bob decided to expand. They’d built more than a business. They’d built a community of fanatics!

So they asked themselves, “What if? What if we built a much larger community? What if community could be the cornerstone of a successful business?”

In 1999, they welcomed aspiring business owners into the BIGGBY® COFFEE family. And now? BIGGBY® COFFEE is the fastest-growing coffee shop in the U.S., with franchises stretching across Michigan and eight other states.

So what does the future hold? Lots more BIGGBY® COFFEE shops, both in Michigan and around the country. Because as far as Mike and Bob are concerned, when you love people as much as we do, you can never have too many friends!


If you’re searching for information about opening up your very own BIGGBY® COFFEE shop, you’ve come to the right place! We have some of the happiest Franchise Owners and Baristas in the world and it’s all thanks to the fun and supportive culture that runs deep in the world of BIGGBY®. Have we convinced you to read more?

Why Own a BIGGBY®?

BIGGBY® didn’t become the fastest growing coffee chain in the U.S. by accident. The founders have decades of experience in the restaurant business. We have developed a support system that offers training, marketing, and much more. We look forward to making you the next successful franchise owner!

BIGGBY® COFFEE aims to be the best coffee shop in your neighborhood. While being happy, having fun, making friends and loving people, BIGGBY continues to grow along with the appreciation for specialty coffee. Though BIGGBY® holds a strong brand and profile, staying true to the community is a core value. Many individuals throughout local communities have voted BIGGBY® as one of the best spots to grab a cup of coffee.

You can B a BIGGBY® owner, too!

Our franchise owners have so much fun owning their own BIGGBY® COFFEE. They are important members of their local communities and continually grow their staff through leadership development. They start each and every day with a cup of coffee and enthusiasm for life that they then share with their Fanatics! Can you see yourself being part of this amazing family? Keep reading to learn more!

Are you someone who:

Loves to B Happy and wants to help others B Happy, too?

At BIGGBY® COFFEE, our goal first and foremost is to make people happy. From your employees to your customers and your community members at large, your mission will be to make sure that everyone who walks through your doors leaves happier than they were when they walked in. Friendly greetings, big smiles and warm wishes are a must, so let the world see those pearly whites and spread the goodness that comes standard with every BIGGBY® drink.

Can B Passionate?

Not only do our loyal customers crave our specialty coffee, but they recognize how passionate we are about what we do, and they love it. That’s why we’re consistently voted by locals as one of the best spots to grab a cup of coffee, and why Franchise Business Review has named us the best coffee franchise to own for the past three years! Passion is our secret ingredient, and it’s what separates us from every other coffee shop out there.

Wants to B a Community leader?

The U.S. is quickly becoming BIGGBY® Nation, and as an operator, you’ll be leading the way in your community. You’ll be responsible for hiring your town’s best workers to help solidify BIGGBY® as a community staple. You’ll rub elbows with other business owners and community leaders on your quest to improve the lives of all your neighbors. And you’ll rest easy every night knowing that you’re a positive force in your area’s market. As the old adage goes, “You’ll do well by doing good.” Not many businesses can say that.

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

Then you are ready to take the next step on your way to owning your very own BIGGBY®. (Bonus points if you said yes to all three!) After finishing the rest of this page (don’t worry, there’s not much left!), click here to request more information. After that, make sure to sign up for one of our Franchising with BIGGBY events. These events are free, informative and a great way to learn about all that BIGGBY® has to offer. Once that’s taken care of, it’s just a short matter of time before you’ve become the newest addition to the BIGGBY® family. We can’t wait, and hopefully neither can you.

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