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About Freedom Boat Club

Liquid Capital: $100,000

Net Worth Requirement: $500,000

Franchise Fees: $38,000

Royalty: 6%

Training and Support: Available

Home Office: Venice, FL

CEO: Cecil Cohn

Freedom Boat Club

Investement Range $181,000 - $487,500

About Freedom Boat Club Franchise

Freedom Boat Club was first founded in 1989 in Sarasota, FL. The vision and purpose in establishing the boat club model was simple and straightforward … to provide an affordable option to boat ownership and to deliver a maintenance-free recreational boating experience for its members.

At the time, the concept was considered revolutionary and break-through. Boaters were either traditional boat owners, or friends of boat owners. The “Sharing Economy” wasn’t a concept at the time. There weren’t boat clubs, fractional boating, boating timeshare, or even many boat rental facilities. The exclusive fraternity of boat owners stored their vessels at marinas, home docks or at the yacht club. When Freedom Boat Club launched, this new offering, it presented an exciting new alternative to boat ownership that opened the waterways to newcomers as well as lapsed boaters like never before!

As the organization began its initial growth, Freedom Boat Club was sold to an investment group. Over time, it became evident that the best leadership for this type of business model would require active engagement at the helm vs. from an arm’s length, investment capacity.

John Giglio and Robert Daly had both been working for the investment operator, and negotiated to buy the enterprise in 2011. After the purchase, Daly stayed on for a year, and then Giglio bought him out, becoming the sole President in 2012.

Under Giglio’s watchful eye and passionate leadership, coupled with a committed crew of entrepreneurial-driven franchise owners, Freedom Boat Club is thriving. Today, 20,000+ boaters call Freedom Boat Club “home,” with more than 165+ locations and franchise operations situated coast-to-coast, and growing daily. The club has enjoyed a 40% growth in franchise ownership in the past calendar year alone!

While the original mission has fundamentally remained the same, the composition and scope of Freedom Boat Club is continually expanding. Today, Freedom Boat Club welcomes and embraces a broad mix of members to its ranks, from first-time boaters and newbies, to seasoned salts and former boat owners, from young families and Millennials, to active retired. Anyone who loves the water and water-related activities is a prospect for Freedom Boat Club membership.

With a Freedom Boat Club franchise, you can become part of our storied history … and very bright future!


The brand word for Freedom Boat Club is FREEDOM. All aspects of our business tie into fun and creating memories that last a lifetime for our members. It’s wonderful to work for an organization that provides an opportunity for people to de-stress, spend precious time with family and friends and enjoy a healthy escape.

Freedom Boat Club is a fun place to work. Our corporate culture and that of our franchisees is relaxing and enjoyable. No suits, no ties … we live the life we promote. While we are serious about the business, we love what we do and it shows!


We believe that days do not have to be ordinary, and that boating should be an escape vs. a perceived nuisance. Boating is a way for friends and family to relax, connect, engage and create powerful memories that will last a lifetime. We provide a simple, maintenance-free alternative to boat ownership that will allow our members to discover the real joy of boating and to foster a passion for the boating lifestyle.

We have a few guiding principles that direct our path to success.

  • We operate our business and our sales activities on the sure foundation of honesty and integrity.
  • We recognize the critical importance of training and education and we invest significantly in this regard, to ensure our members are safe and confident on the water.
  • We believe a smile and warm greeting should embrace every member at the dock.
  • We listen to our members to understand their concerns, and to eliminate the challenges associated with boating.
  • We ensure that our product offering represents the desire of our members in direct relation to the waterways in which we operate.

Why Should Freedom Boat Club Be Your Choice?

  • We’re a proven franchise business. Freedom Boat Club has been in business since 1989. We are the largest members-only boat club in the nation, with 165+ locations and a fleet of 2000+ boats.
  • Freedom Boat Club invented the members-only boat club concept, and is the recognized leader in the niche. While there are a few regional clubs, none rival the size, scope and services that Freedom Boat Club offers to its franchisees.
  • Freedom Boat Club is well established in the marine industry and has developed many key relationships to benefit its franchisees. For example, we have negotiated outstanding purchasing agreements with top boating manufacturers and make our attractive sales programs available to franchisees. We have developed many national partnership and marketing programs, and can help facilitate relationships to benefit you.
  • We have developed strong relationships with top wholesale financing companies who assist our franchisees in the purchase of boats for their club fleet.
  • Our members enjoy reciprocity among clubs, with free boat usage when traveling.
  • Because of our size and scope, we are able to provide attractive and competitive group insurance programs, certainly an important consideration when accurately comparing options.
  • We host an annual National Franchise Conference to facilitate networking among owners, and to provide professional development and educational programs led by experts in the field.
  • We provide ongoing training through corporate-led sales and marketing webinars.
  • We offer optional custom sales and marketing programs to fit the needs of franchisees.
  • We have established a Freedom Boat Club 20 Group, facilitated by a highly respected, independent marine industry veteran. Becoming a member of the 20 Group allows you to work and collaborate exclusively with other franchise owners in positive idea exchanges and reviewing your business potential.
  • We host and continually update a state-of-the-art website with top SEO rankings, including customized pages with social media platforms for each franchise operator.
  • We offer a dedicated portal with a vast array or produced marketing assets including a mix of advertising creative for multiple applications.
  • Our proprietary reservation system is a major bonus, making it easy for your members to log in online and sign up for their date and time of choice, at their convenience.
  • Freedom Boat Club stands by its franchisees with support materials and training. We ensure you have the latest in support materials, training and operations assistance to help you recruit new members in your location.
  • Our boat club model allows you to operate your business with minimal employees. Essentially, your franchise is a turnkey business; it is up to you just how large you would like it to grow.
  • Freedom Boat Club has a proven high gross profit margin. Our business model has been proven effective since 1989 and continues to trend positive growth. If you adhere to this effective business model, you, too, can experience your own personal success.

Best of All: Owning a Freedom Boat Club Franchise is FUN! If you have the water gene and enjoy the boating lifestyle, why not combine your passion with a business model that provides a great living in a terrific environment! No suits or ties required … it’s a shorts and dockers lifestyle, with an office view on the water … that services people who love what you offer! THIS is boating freedom at it’s very best!

We believe there are ample reasons to choose Freedom Boat Club for your franchise investment. We welcome the opportunity to share our enthusiasm and our strategies for success with you!

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