Want to be your own boss? We can help get you there.

Want to be your own boss? We can help get you there.

Business ownership is not something they teach you in school.

Buying a business should be more exciting than stressful. We think the information you need to make good decisions should be accessible to everyone. We think the professionals working with you should be helpful and transparent.

Whether you want to buy or sell a business, invest in a franchise, or just understand your options, we’re here to support you. As your consultant and coach, we’ll help you build the income and lifestyle you want.

At BizFranHub, we get to know you - as a professional and as a person. We help you decide if owning a business is right for you (it’s not for everybody). Information, planning, and timing are key. “No for now” doesn’t necessarily mean “no forever.”

Your consultant will help you find the perfect business for you. As you navigate the purchase, your consultant keeps an eye out for your best interests.

“Jonathan was very professional in his presentation of franchise opportunities. His listening skills are top-notch and within a few weeks I had identified the franchise opportunity I was looking for. Great Job Jonathan!!”

“I would not be where I am today without Jonathan. He introduced me to a new opportunity that greatly blossomed for me. He is the most patient guy I know, walked me through every detail, answered every one of questions and offered solid counsel and advice. Jonathan is the man!”

Our Story

About Jonathan Pace - Co-Founder & Senior Franchise Consultant at BizFranHub

Welcome to BizFranHub, where Jonathan Pace, our co-founder, utilizes his extensive expertise in franchise consulting to guide those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in franchising. As a vital part of The You Network, Jonathan leverages a collaborative network of franchise consultants and brokers, offering expert-level insights and opportunities in the franchise world.

Professional Journey

Jonathan's franchising career, featuring roles at Moe’s Southwest Grill, Smashburger, and AT&T, has equipped him with a broad understanding of business operations and customer engagement strategies. In 2015, he co-founded BizFranHub, aligning it with The You Network to offer specialized guidance in franchising.

Connection with The You Network

Jonathan's involvement with The You Network allows him to tap into a vast pool of franchisor contacts, enhancing the range of options available to his clients. While BizFranHub operates independently, the support from The You Network’s brokers enriches the services offered, ensuring comprehensive and informed guidance for every client.

Approach to Franchise Consulting

In his consulting, Jonathan focuses on aligning individuals with franchise opportunities that best suit their professional objectives and personal interests. He is dedicated to facilitating successful matches that lead to both business success and personal satisfaction.

Personal Life and Community Engagement

Residing in the Greater Chicago area, Jonathan is a devoted father to Jesper and Juniper and finds joy in balancing his professional commitments with his personal life. Jonathan's love for the outdoors can be seen in his hobbies, which include snowboarding, Onewheel riding, and enjoying quality time with his family. This blend of activities reflects his commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In addition to his family life, Jonathan dedicates time to mentor veterans through Hire Heroes USA, guiding them in exploring franchising opportunities and transitioning to civilian life.

Connect with Jonathan

Jonathan is a resource for anyone navigating the franchising world. Whether you are just beginning or looking to grow your franchise, he provides expert advice backed by the resources of both BizFranHub and The You Network. For a personalized consultation, book a call here.


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