Want to be your own boss? We can help get you there.

Want to be your own boss? We can help get you there.

Business ownership is not something they teach you in school.

Business ownership  is not something they teach you in school.

Buying a business should be more exciting than stressful. We think the information you need to make good decisions should be accessible to everyone. We think the professionals working with you should be helpful and transparent.

Whether you want to buy or sell a business, invest in a franchise, or just understand your options, we’re here to support you. As your consultant and coach, we’ll help you build the income and lifestyle you want.

At BizFranHub, we get to know you - as a professional and as a person. We help you decide if owning a business is right for you (it’s not for everybody). Information, planning, and timing are key. “No for now” doesn’t necessarily mean “no forever.”

Your consultant will help you find the perfect business for you. As you navigate the purchase, your consultant keeps an eye out for your best interests.

“It’s scary to go out on your own. Having someone knowledgeable there saying it’s going to be OK gave me confidence.”

Our Story

BizFranHub was founded to level the playing field for business buyers.

Millions of people who dream of going into business for themselves are foiled by the business brokerage system. The traditional industry is too complex, too confusing, and designed to benefit brokers, not buyers.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we wanted to change all that.

Managing partner Jonathan Pace is one of the founders of BizFranHub. He has a passion for the franchise model and works tirelessly to help clients make choices that put their dreams within reach. Jonathan and his team believe in giving you the help and honest advice you need to make the right choices.


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