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About Southern Steer Butcher

Liquid Capital: $150,000

Net Worth Requirement: $500,000

Franchise Fees: $59,500

Royalty: 5% - 3%

Training and Support: Available

Home Office: Palm Harbor, FL

CEO: Greg Snyder

Southern Steer Butcher

Investement Range $393,636 - $671,750

Explore the Premier Butcher Shop Franchise Opportunity for 2024

Southern Steer Butcher Franchise offers an authentic field-to-table experience as a full-service butcher shop, complemented by an array of specialty products, supported by a proven business model. This franchise provides numerous franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to join a growing family of neighborhood butcher shops. Positioned as a neighborhood staple in the food industry, this franchise blends traditional values with modern convenience, making it a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about quality, community, and sustainability.

Why Choose Southern Steer Butcher Franchise?

Comprehensive Product Offering: From specialty meats to homemade sides, marinades, and meal prep classes, Southern Steer Butcher provides multiple revenue streams through its diverse product range. This approach not only satisfies a wide range of customer needs but also enhances customer retention and sales potential.

Innovative and Supportive Leadership: Backed by a visionary leadership team including investing partners like Jack Lapointe and Wali Bacdayan, Southern Steer Butcher is dedicated to continuous innovation and stable growth. Franchisees benefit from 4 weeks of exceptional training and ongoing support to ensure they are well-equipped to manage their businesses effectively. The franchise disclosure document provides potential franchisees with detailed information about the financial commitment, financing options, total investment, support, and the process of opening a new location within the franchise.

Community-Centric Brand: Emphasizing a strong community connection, Southern Steer Butcher positions itself as the neighborhood butcher every community needs. This fosters deep customer loyalty and positions franchisees as integral parts of their local markets.

Lean Operational Model: With a requirement of only 2-4 part-time and 1 full-time employee, and operations confined to standard yet convenient hours, franchisees enjoy a balanced work-life dynamic, which is rare in the retail sector.

Ideal Franchisee Profile

Southern Steer Butcher is looking for community-driven entrepreneurs who are:

  • Passionate about Quality and Sustainability: Committed to maintaining the high standards of quality and sustainability that Southern Steer is known for.

  • Strong in Customer Relations: Excellent at building and maintaining customer relationships, crucial for a community-focused business.

  • Business Savvy: Able to manage the complexities of a retail food business while driving sales and marketing efforts.

  • Financially Prepared: With a net worth of $500,000 and liquidity of $150,000, ready to invest in a growing and lucrative market.

Join Southern Steer Butcher Franchise

Become part of a brand that brings premium, fresh ingredients from the field to the table with our franchise offering. Southern Steer Butcher provides high-quality meats, including fresh cut meats, homemade sausages, and premium meats to satisfy even the most exotic meat cravings. Invest in a business that supports a healthy lifestyle and community well-being. Embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey with Southern Steer Butcher and redefine the neighborhood butcher shop experience.


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Searching for more information? Download the 2024 Southern Steer Butcher FDD below.

Southern Steer Butcher FDD 2024



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