McDonald's Launches CosMc’s in Bolingbrook

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McDonald's Launches CosMc’s in Bolingbrook

McDonald's has boldly ventured into new culinary territory with CosMc’s, its latest spinoff in Bolingbrook, featuring a backstory as unique and intriguing as its menu. This innovative drive-thru-only concept, situated at the junction of Boughton and Weber roads, brings to life a character from McDonald's advertising past, blending nostalgia with modern tastes.


CosMc’s draws inspiration from an unlikely source CosMc, a six-armed alien and a lesser-known yet charming character from the McDonaldland cinematic universe of the late 1980s. Unlike the more familiar faces of Grimace and the Hamburglar He made his first appearance in McDonald's TV ads engaging in a humorous exchange. Initially, CosMc cheekily "trades" Ronald McDonald and Grimace's lunch for some flowers, effectively swiping their meal. However, Ronald cleverly uses his "McMagnet" to bring him back, not to reprimand him, but to kindly share their meal. CosMc's memorable catchphrase from these ads, "I've got to tell my people about McDonald's cheeseburgers" coupled with his later adventures, like opening a McDonald's in space, creatively inspire the theme and spirit of the CosMc’s restaurant concept.


On the CosMc’s website, the narrative extends to CosMc concocting a range of unique beverages in his galaxy. These drinks, designed to complement the McDonald's fare and serve as mood boosters for all beings, now feature prominently on the CosMc’s menu on Earth. The story positions CosMc's mission as elevating the spirits of Earthlings and providing a galactic escape for those navigating daily life.

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CosMc’s stands out with its innovative approach, veering away from McDonald’s traditional menu. The establishment features a tantalizing array of specialty beverages, ranging from berry energy drinks and assorted lattes to refreshing slushies and rich cappuccinos. Notably, CosMc’s introduces the option of customizing these beverages with "boosts" – including energy shots, vitamin C, and pre-workout supplements. This bold initiative showcases McDonald's dedication to staying at the forefront of culinary trends, offering personalized options to cater to the diverse preferences and health-conscious choices of its customers.

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While CosMc’s is renowned for its beverage innovations, the food menu is equally impressive and diverse. The standout sandwiches include the Spicy Queso Sandwich, offering a zesty kick, and the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, perfect for those seeking a milder, yet rich flavor. Classics like the Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and Bacon McMuffin with Egg also make an appearance, catering to traditional McDonald’s fans. Beyond sandwiches, the menu features an array of snacks and treats: Hash Brown Bites for a savory crunch, Pretzel Bites for a salty twist, and an assortment of McPops – a delightful take on filled doughnuts. These McPops come in a variety of flavors like Cookie Butter, Apple Cinnamon, and Hazel, each offering a unique taste experience. For those who can’t decide, the Mixed Bag McPops provides a sampler of these sweet, doughnut-like treats, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

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The grand opening in Bolingbrook was a spectacle of excitement, with enthusiastic crowds gathering hours before the early morning launch. This remarkable turnout is a testament to the allure of McDonald’s new franchise and its ability to captivate the public's imagination.

After the successful launch in Bolingbrook, McDonald's is planning to expand the CosMc’s concept, with plans for 10 more locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metro areas. This expansion signals confidence in the concept's potential success and appeal.

In the future, the potential integration of AI into the CosMc’s ordering process could further enhance this innovative concept. While AI is not currently part of the CosMc’s experience, its incorporation could revolutionize the efficiency and customer service of this drive-thru-only model.

This BizFranHub article captures the excitement and innovative spirit of CosMc’s, spotlighting it as a groundbreaking newcomer in the fast-food landscape and a testament to McDonald's ongoing innovation and adaptation to consumer trends.

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