The Franchise Discovery: January 2024 - Sustainable Weight Loss Needs More Than LillyDirect

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The Franchise Discovery: January 2024 - Sustainable Weight Loss Needs More Than LillyDirect

Eli Lilly has launched LillyDirect, a new website allowing patients to be prescribed weight loss drugs from home. It stands out, not for being the only platform for weight loss but as the first one started directly by a pharmaceutical company. This initiative, according to Eli Lilly, is set to enhance patient access to highly sought-after and effective medications, including the newly approved Zepbound.

Eli Lilly

The Cost & Controversy

A major point of contention with LillyDirect is the cost associated with its flagship weight loss drug, Zepbound. Priced at about $1,000 per month, and potentially not covered by insurance, Zepbound's affordability and accessibility come into question. This raises a critical issue: Is the platform more focused on selling high-priced medications than on the overall health and welfare of its patients?

Evaluating LillyDirect’s Approach

Given the significant expense of Zepbound, there is concern about the motives behind its prescription through LillyDirect. While telehealth offers convenience, it's often best suited for patients who already have an established relationship with a healthcare provider. This existing relationship ensures a deeper understanding of the patient's medical history and health needs, which is crucial when prescribing new medications. For new patients who lack this history with a provider, the risk of potentially serious complications and side effects increases.

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Understanding the Limitations of Medication-Only Weight Loss Approaches

While medications like Zepbound offer an effective start for weight loss, they aren't a complete solution for long-term weight management. Data from JAMA reveals that after 36 weeks of treatment with medication containing tirzepatide, the active ingredient in Zepbound, patients experienced an average weight reduction of 20.9%. However, those who stopped the medication and switched to a placebo regained about 14% of their lost weight. In contrast, patients who continued with tirzepatide saw an additional 5.5% weight reduction. This highlights the importance of ongoing treatment and lifestyle changes for sustained weight management. Medications can kickstart weight loss, but without continued use or lifestyle modifications, there's a significant risk of regaining the weight.


Bodenvy's Range of Weight Management Solutions

Bodenvy offers a unique blend of treatments for weight management, combining both medication-based options like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide injections with innovative non-medication methods. A standout feature of their service is CoolSculpting Elite, an advanced technology developed by Allergan Aesthetics that literally freezes and eliminates stubborn fat in targeted areas. This non-surgical treatment, which is FDA-cleared, works by cooling fat cells to a point where they are destroyed and naturally eliminated from the body, offering an effective solution for reducing fat without invasive procedures.

To complement their body sculpting technology, Bodenvy also provides comprehensive nutritional coaching and personalized meal plans. This well-rounded approach ensures that the physical changes achieved through treatments like CoolSculpting are supported and enhanced by healthy dietary habits. The combination of cutting-edge body sculpting technology and personalized nutrition planning positions Bodenvy as a leader in offering integrated solutions for achieving and maintaining optimal body wellness and aesthetic improvements.


Medi-Weightloss's Comprehensive Approach to Weight Loss

Medi-Weightloss differentiates itself with a comprehensive, medically supervised weight loss program. Starting with an extensive medical examination that includes blood panel and EKG tests, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan. This plan goes beyond mere weight reduction, encompassing preventive medicine, personalized nutrition planning, and lifestyle counseling. The goal is to support patients not only in losing weight but also in making sustainable lifestyle changes, focusing on overall health and well-being. With regular consultations and ongoing support, Medi-Weightloss educates and guides patients through their weight management journey.

Alongside these lifestyle changes, Medi-Weightloss offers patients the option to include FDA-approved medications like Wegovy® (semaglutide) in their weight loss regimen. This allows for a more tailored approach, where prescriptions are customized based on each patient's health and weight loss objectives. Providing the option of medication as a part of a larger health plan reflects a balanced approach to weight loss, ensuring that medication is just one element of a comprehensive wellness strategy. Backed by over 15 years of experience and a science-based approach, Medi-Weightloss is committed to assisting patients in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, combining medical treatments with personalized nutrition and lifestyle adjustments for lasting results.


The Key to Long-Term Success in Weight Management

As we witness the advancement of weight management options, like Eli Lilly's LillyDirect offering easy access to drugs like Zepbound, it's clear that medication alone isn't the full answer. The real challenge lies in maintaining weight loss over the long term, as stopping medication often leads to regaining weight. This is where the role of franchises like Bodenvy and Medi-Weightloss becomes crucial. They exemplify a comprehensive approach, blending medication with personalized lifestyle changes and advanced treatments. As we conclude this month's edition of The Franchise Discovery, it's clear that these franchises are key in creating a future where weight management solutions are effective, sustainable, and focused on overall health, offering a complete approach to wellness and weight management. For those interested in the world of weight management franchises, BizFranHub is your go-to resource. We are dedicated to helping you find the franchise that aligns with your lifestyle and goals, ensuring your decision leads to success.

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