When Was The Last Time Your Corporate Job Satisfied Your Dream?

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When Was The Last Time Your Corporate Job Satisfied Your Dream?

What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you think that your corporate job is actually helping you get closer to those goals? I mean, when was the last time you felt fulfilled at work? And above all, do you really feel confident and secure about your career trajectory in a way that it could take you wherever your heart desires? Well, it shouldn’t sound surprising but most people would answer, “no”. If you agree, you aren’t alone. About 70% of the American workforce is disengaged from their jobs. How did this happen? At BizFranHub we have a couple of our theories on why this system is so broken:

Reasons Why Corporate System is Broken

The traditional college career path falls flat

There’s a huge disconnect between what they teach you at college and what the real work paradigms are like. The training you receive in college is supposed to prepare you for a steady career, but those trainings are skewed more towards theories rather than practical implementation of skills. Most students after college, are unclear of what path they want to follow. They’re never fully sure where they are headed and often get very lost along the way.

You aren’t in control

In a traditional corporate position, you often aren’t in the driver seat of your career. No matter how hard you work, there are factors outside your control that keep getting in the way. Your manager, office politics or even favoritism can get in the way of your success. This can be stifling, soul crushing and seriously limit how much you can earn, grow and progress.

There’s a lingering uncertainty

Mergers and takeovers often leave employees questioning their position in a company. Job markets have always been highly volatile and the economy is always uncertain. You don’t know when your company may start firing or downsizing due to a poor economy. This begins right out of college where we are no longer guaranteed jobs post-graduation. Suddenly that “safe” corporate job doesn't sound so appealing. Let’s be real - corporate jobs aren’t for everyone; especially those who have big aspirations. Those who want to exercise full control over their life in terms of monetary success, happiness, and overall satisfaction need more! If you’re struggling with any of these realities, don’t worry because there’s hope! Contact BizFranHub today to learn about alternative options that harness your passions, put you in control and trust in your capabilities, Sometimes, corporate jobs can never offer you the kind of freedom, success, and happiness the way owning a business does.

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