Your Values, Your Business.

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Your Values, Your Business.

Yes, You Can Build A Dream Business Based On What You Value Most. When we begin a conversation with a prospective franchise owner, we’ll typically ask: “What type of business or franchise do you think is right for you?” Mind you, it’s not that we expect that individual to have everything figured out. Some people may know what they want, but may not look at the reality that accompanies that. Others aren’t sure at all but do know they want to control their own destiny. No matter where you’re coming in, we’ll typically take a more introspective approach and encourage you to ask deeper questions internally about your lifestyle before choosing a business. Now, why do you think we would be so interested in what you value and the life you want to have? Yes, these are important but what does that have to do with owning a franchise?

Know The Business Behind The Business Think about this: If you’re going to be a successful franchise owner, you’re going to be heavily involved in that business for at least the next 10 years and probably more. If a franchise doesn’t match up with your values and lifestyle, you may have some buyer’s remorse. To illustrate how buyer’s remorse could happen, let’s say that you’re intensely passionate about a product or service – we’ll use dogs as an example. Since you have such a love of dogs, you figure that owning a pet store franchise is your true calling. Sounds like a terrific fit, doesn’t it? Not so fast. You may have a love of animals, but we still have to talk about what you will be doing as a business owner. In this case, you may be spending a great deal of time involved with inventory management, stocking shelves and a host of other responsibilities that take you away from playing with the puppies. Doing what you love has to align with business responsibilities, which makes it crucial for us to take a hard look at each franchise opportunity to ensure your perception meets reality. As part of that evaluation, our process at BizFranHub involves a series of deep questions that force our clients to give careful consideration to why they want to become franchise owners and what they want out of their business. Because once you’ve addressed these questions, you’re ready to pursue a franchise opportunity on your terms, based on what you value most.

4 Deep Questions Before You “Jump”

What are your strengths?

When you think back to times in your career where you’ve been promoted, why was that? How did that happen? Was there something about that type of work that energized you?

What type of work environment and style do you prefer?

Do you like working with people or independently? Are you a teacher? An organizer? Are you motivated by sales? Do you dread event planning? Do you believe you can thrive in a customer-facing role or do you see yourself as more of an operational leader behind the scenes?  

What do you like to do most?

Believe it or not, one of the areas we look to as evidence of what you enjoy is your prior education. What did you go to school for, even if it’s nothing to do with what you currently do today? That shows a degree of passion.

What does your family situation and schedule look like?

Make no mistake – this is a big one. If you have a spouse and children, how would owning a business change your current situation at home? What are you willing to give up? Is your family on board with this commitment? There’s going to be a ramp-up period to get the business running strong enough that you can pay yourself the salary that you want, including minimum expenses. It may take 12-24 months to turn a profit – are you comfortable with that? If so, is it because your spouse is working and can take some of the pressure off? Is it based on savings that you have or through an SBA loan? You know your strengths, your work style, your greatest passion and have a loving family that’s got your back for the next 12-24 months to pursue the next exciting chapter of your career in business ownership. That’s great – but there’s still one more vital component to your success that we can’t neglect – an outside perspective from a highly experienced franchise consultant who can help guide you to the right franchise opportunity that aligns just right with your values. There’s no better way to see if BizFranHub is the partner you’ve been looking for to help identify your dream business than by scheduling a free consultation with us today at (312)436-2748.

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