How to place your candidates ‘overqualified’ for the job market

How to place your candidates ‘overqualified’ for the job market

The candidate gets a new career. The recruiter earns a commission. Everyone wins.

Nothing feels better for an executive recruiter than making that perfect connection between a candidate and a job.

And nothing’s more frustrating than seeing a smart, savvy candidate passed over time and again. Let’s be real: “too experienced” is often just ageism in disguise.

Maybe it’s time to present those “too experienced,” “overqualified” job candidates an alternative to the corporate world.

Most franchisees are in their second – or third, or fourth – career. Some took early retirement from a corporate job. Others were downsized from high-ranking positions. When the job market deemed them “overqualified,” they took matters into their own hands.

Owning a franchise is a life-changing opportunity to break free from the rat race. You can help make it happen for a deserving candidate - and collect a commission besides.

How the BizFranHub Recruiter Referral program works

  1. You identify job candidates who might be interested in owning their own business.
  2. You offer those candidates a free meeting with one of our franchise consultants.
  3. We interview the candidate. If they are qualified and interested, we move on to the next step.
  4. We learn about candidates' interests, experience, financial situation, and more. Then we match them with opportunities that are a good fit.
  5. When a successful placement is made, BizFranHub collects a commission on the franchise fee. We pass along half that commission to you for making the initial referral.

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