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About Squeeze Massage

Liquid Capital: $250,000

Net Worth Requirement: $750,000

Franchise Fees: $60,000

Royalty: 6%

Training and Support: Available

Home Office: Studio City, CA

CEO: Brittany Driscoll

Squeeze Massage

Investement Range $543,645 - $889,521

Squeeze Massage: Best Massage Franchise of 2024 Opportunity

Squeeze Massage Franchise is leading the way in the massage industry with an innovative, streamlined approach that optimizes both the guest and therapist experience. Founded by Alli Webb, the entrepreneur behind the successful Drybar, Squeeze builds on this innovative spirit by combining luxury, comfort, and cutting-edge technology to create an unmatched massage experience.

Why Choose Squeeze Massage Franchise?

Innovative Business Model

Squeeze offers a seamless and stress-free massage experience by integrating advanced technology that allows guests to book, pay, set personalized preferences, tip, and rate all via an intuitive app. This eliminates traditional front-desk interactions, enhancing customer convenience and positioning Squeeze as the best massage franchise of 2024.

High-Quality Experience

Squeeze elevates the standard for massage experiences by offering personalized session adjustments, including adjustable lighting, music, and room temperature. Complementary extras such as heat therapy and aromatherapy are provided at no additional cost, ensuring each visit feels luxurious and tailored to individual preferences.

Strong Brand Heritage

Utilizing the vast experience and industry knowledge of Alli Webb, and building on the foundational success of Drybar, the Squeeze Massage Franchise benefits from proven operational practices and a focus on design and branding, which attract and retain a diverse customer base. The experience and expertise behind Squeeze make it a formidable contender for the best massage franchise of 2024.

Member-Focused Revenue Model

The Squeeze business model emphasizes a membership structure, encouraging regular customer visits and generating consistent revenue. This model not only fosters a steady cash flow but also promotes customer loyalty, offering benefits like prioritized scheduling and discounted rates, making Squeeze a lucrative opportunity for potential franchisees.

Commitment to Excellence

The Squeeze Massage Franchise is committed to excellence in all aspects of its operation. Therapists are highly valued and supported, resulting in superior job satisfaction and retention rates. This ethos ensures that all guests receive unparalleled service, enhancing the reputation of Squeeze as the best massage franchise.

Ideal Franchisee Profile for Squeeze Massage Franchise

  • Passionate about Wellness: Ideal candidates should have a genuine passion for health and wellness, eager to offer services that enhance physical and mental well-being.
  • Strong Leadership and People Skills: Prospective franchisees need to demonstrate proven leadership abilities and possess the skills necessary to foster a welcoming, customer-centric environment.
  • Financially Prepared: A strong financial background is required, with a minimum net worth of $850,000 and liquid capital of $300,000, ensuring the capability to establish and grow the Squeeze Massage Franchise effectively.

Join the Squeeze Massage Franchise today and become a part of a leading brand in the wellness industry. With its innovative business model, commitment to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction, Squeeze offers a unique opportunity to succeed in the booming health and wellness sector.


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